Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Lack of Trust

Today I read an article from the New York Times.  You can read it here.

Or here:

The article talks about areas of radioactivity that have been found in the Tokyo area.  

"The government’s failure to act quickly, a growing chorus of scientists say, may be exposing many more people than originally believed to potentially harmful radiation. It is also part of a pattern: Japan’s leaders have continually insisted that the fallout from Fukushima will not spread far, or pose a health threat to residents, or contaminate the food chain. And officials have repeatedly been proved wrong by independent experts and citizens’ groups that conduct testing on their own."

We have been reassured, time and time again, that we are safe and in no danger.  Supposedly, our water and air were tested to ensure our safety, but now I'm beginning to wonder if we were/are truly safe from radioactive contaminants.  

Look, I don't really care about my own health.  I've already got issues.  We all know that!  But, I'm really concerned about Jude.  He's growing so fast, and he's so young!  It would kill me if anything were to happen to him.  

"The reports of hot spots do not indicate how widespread contamination is in the capital; more sampling would be needed to determine that. But they raise the prospect that people living near concentrated amounts of cesium are being exposed to levels of radiation above accepted international standards meant to protect people from cancer and other illnesses."

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Anonymous said...

The Govt. would LIE to the people ? NO WAY !!!

Big D