Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm going to try it

I stumbled upon Holly's blog when Tara mentioned it in her blog.  Yes, I know, I spend too much time reading other peoples' blogs.  Whatever!

Holly had a great idea to wear something denim for 30 days.  She would mix it up between boot-cut blue jeans, a denim dress, a denim pencil skit, cropped denim jeans, and, well, you get the picture.  After reading Holly's blog and seeing all the great pictures she posted of herself in her different outfits, she planted the seed for my own 30 days of denim.

So last night I went through my closet and pulled out all the denim things I own.  And wow!  Seriously, WOW!  I have a shit ton of clothes I never wear.  I discovered I have: 10 pairs of blue jeans in various cuts and lengths, 6 denim skirts (some short, some long), 2 denim shirts, 2 denim shorts and 1 denim jacket.  I had no idea I had this many denim articles of clothing.  It's almost a bit ridiculous, I think!

My idea for doing this is similar to Holly's.  I want to step outside of my style comfort zone, and create new, exciting outfits with items I already own.  It's like I'm shopping in my own closet and mixing things up a bit, stylistically speaking.  And since I hardly ever wear any of these items, it will seem as if I have a whole new wardrobe, maybe.

So, thanks Holly for sharing this great idea on your blog.  I hope I'm just as successful at it as you were!


Holly said...

Yay! Go for it! Hope you have fun!

Tara said...

Love it! I should try something like this, too. Or, maybe just make my goal getting out of my pjs EVERY day! :)