Friday, October 21, 2011

30 Days of Denim- Day 17 and Jude's Birthday

30 Days of Denim

Here is today's outfit:
T-shirt:  Gap (bought in Japan)
Sweater:  Gap (bought in Japan)
Jeans:  Uniqlo (bought in Japan)
Jewelry:  Gift from Husband
Shoes:  Crocs

Today I had the day off.  I spent most of the day getting things ready for Jude's birthday play date.  Since Jude didn't want a birthday party this year, we thought we'd invite his friend over instead.  So, I made a cake, bought gifts, met Jude for lunch, and hung out with him and his buddy after school.  Jude and his friend played with his toys, went to the park, watched Star Wars, and we went out to eat for dinner.  It was a fun filled day!

I'm pictured above with 2 of Jude's birthday presents.  Yes, Star Wars has become my life, too!  

Don't hate!  Appreciate!  

Here is what I look like without the Clone Trooper's helmet and gun, and without ANY photo editing:

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