Saturday, October 22, 2011

30 Days of Denim- Day 18

30 Days of Denim

Here is today's outfit:
Shirt:  Gap (bought in Japan)
Jeans:  Gap (bought in Japan)
Leather Jacket:  JW
Earrings:  Lia Sophia
Necklace:  New York & Company
Hat:  H & M (bought in Japan)
Rain Boots:  Capelli Kids' 

Today was a rainy, dreary day.  We attended Jude's soccer picnic (which was moved indoors), and he received a metal for all his hard work.  After that, we went to our favorite recycle shop, searching for goodies.  Then, Husband and I took a long nap, while Jude watched Star Wars Episode VI on Blue Ray (he got the entire set on Blue Ray for his birthday).  When I woke up from my nap, my hair was jacked up!  Seriously, jacked up!  So, when we went to sing karaoke this evening, I put on the hat.  

I know sometimes I wear too many accessories, but that's just me.  I'm too much most of the time. I'm too loud, too opinionated, too mouthy, too stubborn, too mean, too much!  I guess I over compensate for my small size.  And, besides, accessories add flair, and you can never have too much flair!

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