Friday, March 6, 2009

We're heading to Kyoto for a half marathon race!

Tomorrow we are going to Kyoto, Japan. We are going there with some of our running buddies to run a 1/2 marathon race. I am very excited about the trip. We are going by Shinkansen or bullet train. This will be my first ride on one and I can't wait, neither can Jude.

Kyoto is a very historical town and displays the essence of old Japan. The city has countless temples, Torii Gates (pictured above), teahouses (in Japan teahouses is one word!), Geisha and Maiko houses, museums, and castles. It will be quite an exciting adventure. Of course I will be bringing my camera, but I will not be bringing my computer-- I have enough crap to haul as it is. So, you must wait patiently for my next posts. I'm sure they will be good ones!

So, patience Grasshopper!

Weenie out!

(I will now spend the rest of the day doing laundry, packing, cleaning my apartment (taking out the trash and cleaning out the fridge), and running errands in preparation for the trip.)

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Anonymous said...

Kick ass you midget marathoner !!

Big D