Monday, March 30, 2009

Testicle Talk

So, today Jude was sitting on the toilet pooping. He's a big boy now and require less help. Now, he can get on the toilet with no help or supervision.

So, I was eating lunch with Husband while Jude was doing his business. After about 15 minutes, I decided to check on him. He kept making weird noises like a whimpering dog. As I approached the restroom, the hallway reeked of poo. I opened the restroom door and found Jude sitting on the toilet but not on the toilet seat. He had forgotten to put the seat down in his haste and was sitting on the toilet bowl.

Jude: Mommy, I'm going to fall in. The potty got bigger!

Me: No sweetie, you forgot to put down the toilet seat.

Jude: Oh!

So, I helped the kid out and put the toilet seat down. I asked if he was done, and he said he wasn't. I walked away to give him some privacy in hopes that he would finish his business quickly.

"Hey, Mommy," he yelled. "Come look at my testicles," he yelled at the top of his lungs. I debated whether or not to go look, but I knew I had to or he would get off the toilet un-wiped, possibly leaving a poop trail. So, I walked to the restroom again and opened the door. He was holding his testicles, marveling at their size. He seemed so proud. I just smiled and walked away. About 30 seconds later he yelled, "Hey, Daddy, come look at my testicles, they're huge!" Husband did as requested.

Just another day in Weenie's World!


Anonymous said...

This may be appropriate !!

Big D

Anonymous said...

or this one....

Big D

Princess Talula said...

Your kid rules! I suspect if I ever venture into parenthood, my child will marvel at the size of his balls. And, that would make his father proud! I love your kid! He's awesome.

Weenie said...

Thanks! My kid is one of a kind! Thank goodness for that! I don't think the world could handle 2 of him! He is totally awesome! He says the craziest, most bizzarre-o things ever. He is so observant and finds the smallest details amazing. I love looking at the world through his eyes. I've realized just how wonderful and fascinating it is! I know some day my kiddo will be a good, honest, considerate man worthy of greatness. He doesn't know it, but I do.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you ...he got ALL that crazy stuff from his MOMMA !!!

Big D