Saturday, March 28, 2009

Running again

So, today will my first run since the marathon. I waited this long so my girlie parts could heal. My legs recovered quickly from the marathon- in two days. After my first marathon (back in 2007), I could barely walk. I was sore and limping for about a week. This was not the case this time. I felt normal by Wednesday afternoon. All the soreness was gone surprisingly quick. And, other than the girlie part situation, everything else felt fine, even great after about 72 hours. It's amazing how quickly your body can heal after 26.2 miles. So, this just proves that my body can and will handle longer distances. Sometime in the near future, I will go further than 26.2 miles. I hope to go 50K or 50 miles in the next year or so. I know I've got it in me. However, I'll just make sure to pick a race that DOES NOT occur around my period! PERIOD! (hee-hee)

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Anonymous said...

All this talk about girlie parts...... LMAO
Glad you're BACK !!

Big D