Friday, March 13, 2009

Sick kid!

My darling little angel is as sick as a dog! Jude has never been THIS sick before. Two nights ago he woke up with a fever. So, I kept him home yesterday and took him to the doctor. He's had a nasty phlegm filled cough for several days, and I thought that was causing the fever. After the doctor checked him out, he decided to give him antibiotics for a possible sinus infection. After the doctor's visit, the kid's fever spiked to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. I give him Tylenol, popsicles, jello, soup, and even stripped him down to his undies in hopes of bringing down his fever. Nothing worked. His fever wouldn't go below 102, and stayed there all through the long, miserable night.

I feel so bad for the kid. He is utterly miserable. He hasn't moved in hours. He just sits on the couch watching videos through puffy, crusty eyes wearing nothing but underwear. He's lethargic, snot filled, feverish, and feels awful. He has a horrible cough that would rival that of someone who has smoked for 40 years. He says his head hurts, his tummy hurts, his nose hurts, and even his mouth hurts. I'm trying to make him comfortable and keep him hydrated with popsicles. But, he's even getting tired of those--which illustrates just how bad the kid is feeling...he's never not wanted a popsicle! I put a cool rag on his head and even gave him a sponge bath with warm water in hopes of bringing down his fever--that just pissed him off, because then he was cold and wet.

As his mom, it's hard to watch him suffer. I've tried everything to make him feel better, but nothing is working. Maybe once the antibiotics kick in, he'll feel better.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby......and poor mom having to watch him....I'll say a prayer for you...

Big D

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy I hope he gets to feeling better.