Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's March, why is it snowing?

Okay, being a native Houstonian (that's means I'm from Houston, Texas, USA, for those out there that don't know what a Houstonian is...) I usually enjoy the snow. Since it was a rare sight growing up, I now stop and gawk at its beauty. However, it's already March. It shouldn't be snowing! What the freak?! The sun should be shining, the birds should be chirping, Azaleas should be budding, grass should be growing, and it should be warming up--NOT snowing like it is right now!

This is totally unfair! I bet you folks down in Tejas are warm and toasty. I bet y'all are already wearing shorts and sandals. Well, I'm not. Instead, I'm wearing wool sweaters with wool socks, thick ass coats and scarves. My legs haven't seen the light of day since last September. My feet haven't worn sandals or open toed shoes since last August. The only tan part of me are my ankles. Since I run in capri tights, my ankles are the only part of me that gets to see the sun. So, my ankles are slightly darker than the rest of me--weird, I know. I look like a mutant, ringed ankle, white, midget Mexican. What up wit dat?

Anywho, the snow is nice and all, but I think I would enjoy it more if it were December or January and not March the freaking 4th. This is so not fair! I envy all you red neck MFs down in Texas, basking in the warmth of the sun. Scoop up some of that heat, put it in a jar and send it to me here in Japan. I could use it to warm my white, pasty ass!


Anonymous said...

Gonna be 92 here tomorrow !!
na na na na na ..... : )

Big D ( tanning nicely )

Anonymous said...

You suck! There was ice on my car this morning. I was late getting Jude to school because I had to scrape it off. This is SO not fair! You suck! I hope you have a heat stroke! ;-)