Friday, March 20, 2009

Stained socks and band-aids

To feel like I have a little bit of Texas with me while I'm running the marathon, I plan to wear my incredibly dingy, dirty, stained socks. These aren't just any nasty socks, but the socks I wore 2 years ago at an off road half marathon race in North Texas. The socks are stained with the red dirt from North Texas. They got stained from sweat, spilled water and North Texas mud.

I will also be wearing a Sponge Bob Squarepants band-aid on my hand. I don't have a cut or abrasion. In fact, nothing is wrong with my hand. But, Big D told me to wear it. And every time I get tired and need a boost during the marathon, I will look at the goofy band-aid and know that he is kicking me in my ass, yelling at me to "Run, Midget run!".

So, if I get tired and feel beaten, I'll look at the band-aid on my hand and my stained socks. Those little reminders of home should push me to the end. Sometimes a little reminder is all I need!

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