Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dow closed at 6763 today

Holy guacamole! The Dow was down 299 points today closing at 6763. It's depressing to think how much money has been lost in retirement funds over the last year or so. Poor YaYa and PoPo, literally! They are sitting back watching as their money dwindles away to nothingness. They worked their little Mexican asses off for years and years to save for their retirement. Now that it's here, their money is disappearing faster than they could possibly spend it!

You already know how I feel about this...I've bitched and moaned many times in the last 6 months about this subject. I thought that once a new president was in office things would change, but obviously things ain't gettin' any better! I thought Mr. Obama would bring forth change, but unfortunately he's turned out to be just another politician with great rhetoric. I was hopeful in the beginning, but now it seems the media and the president are using scare tactics to freak out the American people...and it's working. Where has the hope gone? Where has Mr. Obama's enlightened messages gone?

Mr Obama: Instead of scaring the peejeebeez out of the American people with your words, try to instill a sense of peace, bipartisanship, and fortitude. Maybe if you changed your tone, you and the rich bitches in Washington could get along to fix this economic crisis, and the stock market would stop being so freaking volatile!


Anonymous said...

Republicans, Democrats....It doesn't matter...they all want the same thing.....TO GET IN YOUR PANTS !!

People that believe the rhetoric just kill me. Idealogues blindly following their leader to just another ass whupping for the common man.

Don't buy stocks, and don't buy gold....buy GUNS !!
You're going to need them when the riots start.
This Depression is going to make the French Revolution look like an end of school party.

Anonymous said...

Sorry.....forgot to sign....

Big D
( buying his guns NOW )

Anonymous said...

Wo there Nelly! The last thing we need is YOU with a gun! Granted, I agree, Republicans and Democrats in Washington don't have a clue about how the rest of the world operates. They don't live in the same world as the common man/woman. And, maybe a few of us expected more out of Mr. Obama than he's giving us, but I don't think another French Revolution or Revolution is on the horizon. Just save your cash and hide it under your mattress...that's the only safe place to put it these days!