Tuesday, March 17, 2009

4 1/2 days and counting...

Here is the Tokyo Marathon course I will be traversing on Sunday. It seems daunting, but, luckily, I'm familiar with some of the areas.

Yesterday I went to my local thrift shop and got several used items of clothing. I plan to wear them over my running gear on Sunday and then toss them off while I'm running. This way when I'm standing and waiting for the start, I won't be cold or get too soaked. Oh yes, did I mention that it's supposed to rain on Sunday?? Well, it is. Last Saturday I ran 8 miles in the rain with the temperature at about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It was actually quite nice out, except when the wind blew and rain got in my eyes. But, I'm not sure I'm equipped to run 26.2 miles in the rain. I'm sure I'll be chafed and have blisters in weird undesirable places.

Did I mention that I'm slightly crazier than normal? Yes, every step I take and every morsel of food ingested is carefully screened and thought about. If I feel a weird ache or pain anywhere in my body, I tend to freak out and then wonder if it's real, or if it will pass, or if I'm capable of running 26.2 miles with that weird new pain. I'm worried that I'll eat something weird and get the poopies again. I'm worried that if someone sneezes on me, they'll get me sick and end my chances of running on Sunday. Since I've spent the last 6 months of my life working up to Sunday, I don't want anything to screw it up. I've put all my eggs into my basket, and I'm afraid someone or something might spill them. So, I'm being extra careful about everything. Actually, I'm probably being too careful and too paranoid. I could probably use some type of sedative right now, but I'll just deal with it.

If you've ever ran a marathon before, you know exactly how I feel. Everything I do or eat this week could affect my run, and I'm scare of that. I'm scared I'll do something stupid or eat something bad. I'm afraid I'll fall down the stairs and sprain my ankle. I'm afraid the illness Jude had last week will find me and take hold. I'm afraid the goofy plastic dinosaurs on the floor will cut my feet. I'm afraid of all things out of my control. I know, I need help! But, after Sunday all this will end. Then, I'll be dealing with soreness, possible blisters, chafing, and aching feet and muscles. In fact, after Sunday I probably won't be able to use the toilet without someone being there to help me off of it. But, none of that will matter when I'm wearing my finisher's medal. And, the pain won't really hurt, because I'll be basking in the glory of completing 26.2 miles.


Anonymous said...

All of that is 100% NORMAL.....every marathoner experiences thoses feeling pre-race.
It will be FINE.....my last piece of advice to you is LUBE !!! Use lots of LUBE....EVERYWHERE !!!

Big D

AndyS said...

Don't worry too much and you are not being paranoid. I felt the same way before every marathon I did. The feeling of accomplishment will overcome the uneasiness. Good luck Sunday. I'll be thinking about you.