Monday, May 26, 2008

YaYa and PoPo's Visit to Japan

(YaYa and PoPo on the train going to Jude's school for the first time.)
(YaYa and Husband at the Tama Zoo riding the lion bus. (I'll tell you about that later.))
(PoPo and Jude walking around the zoo looking for the rhinoceros.)
(YaYa, Husband and Jude at the Seibu Dome watching a Japanese baseball game.)
(Jude, me and PoPo at the Japanese baseball game.)

Okay. I can't sleep. It is 3:57 AM in Japan-- I know my posting time is different. Since I'm on Blogger in English, I think the computer thinks I'm somewhere in the states. So, please dismiss the posting times...they are posted for the Central time zone in the states, not Japan time. I digress. As as pot bellied Mexican, I must add spiciness to my pizza and now I'm paying for it. So, I can't sleep because of the pizza and half pound of dried crushed chili peppers I ate last night. And, Jude decided to play musical beds last night, too. Now, Jude is in my bed and Husband is in Jude's bed. There is nothing worse in the world than trying to sleep with a 3 year old Mexican jumping bean--I swear it's like he's playing freakin' Twister in his sleep. I digress again, sorry!! So, last night it was raining a bit so we decided to eat frozen pizza and beer and watch The Goonies on DVD. Jude loves The Goonies, as do I. It reminds me of the time Rice Spice and I went on a hunt for Pennywise in the bayou/drainage system of our hometown in Texas (do you remember that Rice Spice???-I know it was literally 18 years ago, but I still remember (hee-hee)).

I can't sleep because my guts are making really weird noises and my belly is slightly distended, so instead of laying in bed counting sheep being abused by my 3 year old monkey, I decided to finally download the pics from my parent's recent visit to Japan- why waste time trying to fall asleep, right?!

I hope you like the pics. Unfortunately, my parents didn't stay as long as they had planned. My grandmother died while they were here. They hopped the first plane out of here so they could attend her funeral back in Texas. This may sound really bad, but it was almost a blessing that she died. She has been bed-ridden for the last 30 years, and she lived with horrible pain every day. She relied on care givers for everything: feeding, bathing, using the bed pan, meds, etc... I really wasn't that close to her because she was stuck in the bed. I saw her about once a year or so, probably not as much as I should have. The last time I saw her was about 6 months ago right before we moved to Japan. These are the last words she ever spoke to me: "Be careful when you move to Japan...don't trust those slanted eyed mother fuckers, huh,...they can't be trusted." (Sorry for that horribly racist comment, but that's exactly what she said to Husband and I as we hugged her goodbye for the last time.)

So, these pictures are all that were taken from my parents trip. We had planned on going to many more places, but because of my grandmother's death, this is all that was accomplished.

FOOT NOTE!!!! It is now 4:25 AM and it is already daylight outside. That's right, you can already see the sun trying to peek out. Japan doesn't have day lights savings time like the states, so that freakin' sun is up every morning at the freakin' butt crack of dawn!! I guess that's why this place is called the land of the rising sun, huh?

Well, I hope you enjoy the pics.

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