Wednesday, May 14, 2008

True Mommy Moment

Being a mom is the craziest job I've ever had. I'm one of those moms that encourages spontaneous dancing and singing. I love all the silliness I get to enjoy daily. After all, life is short so laugh loudly!

About a year ago, Jude realized that he could pick his boogers and eat them too! He was very proud of his new found appetizer...boogers! One day I'm getting him out of his car seat after a trip from Target (this was before our move to Japan). He points to his mouth and says "I can't get it." I'm confused about what "it" is. So, I say "what's wrong sweetie?" He says "it's stuck in my teeth and I can't get it-- help me mommy." I see something stuck in between his two front bottom teeth so I attempt to extract it. It's slimy and dark colored and doesn't want to be dislodged. After a minute of trying to get my fingernail in between his teeth to get the mystery item, it comes loose. I take it out and realize in horror that it's a booger. A slimy, green piece of snot that got stuck in between my son's teeth. NASTY!!! I want to gag, but before I can puke on the floor of my Volkswagen Passat Station wagon, my son grabs my finger and puts it in his mouth and proceeds to eat the booger off my finger for the second time. "Thanks," he says.

That was the moment that I was inducted into the Mommy Hall of Fame. I just helped my son eat a booger that was stuck in his teeth. Yummy!

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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