Monday, May 26, 2008

Blog Anger

So, today I was standing in the kitchen getting some ice out of the freezer. We have a Japanese ice tray I bought from the 100 Yen shop. A 100 Yen store is just like a dollar store in the states except mo betta!! You can buy things there that you didn't even know you needed. I love it! So, the ice tray is super awesome. It is a regular ice tray with a container underneath it to house already may ice cubes. How awesome is that!!! And, it was only about a buck!

I went to get the ice tray and container out of the freezer and realized that the already made ice cubes in the bottom were all melted together. This sucks, I thought. Husband said that the ice must have melted the other day when SOMEONE forgot to put it back. So, there I am in the kitchen with a huge blob of ice that needs to go into Jude's Thermos for school. I was going to run the blob under cold water in hopes of separating the cubes, but Husband said "Stop, let me do it."

Oh crap, here he goes again, I thought. So, he reached over and got a butter knife and began to hit the ice blob with the handle. I was standing near by. He gave it a few whacks and the ice cubes started to separate. I was curious so I got closer to look. As I did, I swear he whacked the ice with more gusto than before. A huge chunk of ice flew up in the air and whacked me in my eye. Even though I was wearing my glasses, the ice managed to fly over them and right into my eye. DAMN IT! That was the 376th attempt on my life, I tell him. His response was..."Go put that in your blog!" Testy, testy I thought!

(By the way, Husband really hasn't attempted to kill me 376 times--I'm a bit dramatic ya know. Every time he does something silly like run a red light or cook something gross, I call that an attempt on my life because his actions could possibly result in my death. So, that's why we are up to 376.)

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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