Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I experienced my very first earthquake last Thursday. Okay, honestly...I slept through my first freakin' earthquake! I was hoping to experience the ground shaking beneath me and to hear the earthquake sirens sound. I was dreading my "first" earthquake, but at the same time I was really curious to see what one felt like. Since I'm from Texas, the only earthquake experience I ever had was when a chemical plant exploded in stinky Pasadena, Texas and our windows shook. So, I was a bit bummed when I realized I slept through the one last Thursday.

This is the sequence of events that occurred Thursday night...
I was asleep and awoke to the feeling of someone staring at me. It was my husband, who will simply be called Husband in print. Husband was staring at me like I was a piece of roast beef and he hadn't eaten in days.
"What?!" I yelled. Keep in mind it is 1:58 am and Husband has woken me up by staring at me. (Husbands have those kinds of powers-- just in case you didn't know (hee-hee).) I digress, sorry.
"I think we just had an earthquake," Husband says quietly as not to wake the sleeping 3 year old across the hall asleep in his bed.
"You're crazy!" I say. "If we had an earthquake, I would have felt it. And, I didn't feel anything . You're nuts! Go back to bed!" I tell Husband.
"The bed shook and I thought Jude* was trying to get into our bed," he says. "Then the mirror on our dresser started to shake and rattle--I'm sure it was an earthquake," Husband says.
"Dude, you're nuts!" I say. "Go back to bed!" I tell him and we do.

The next morning when I wake up, I go on line and check CNN. The second headline story reads "Earthquake hits Japan." Doh!! Boy, I feel like a jackass!!

Later that morning YaYa (my mother) and PoPo (my father) call from Texas to make sure we're alive.

Damn it! I missed my "first" earthquake!

*Jude is not the real name of my son, but that's what he'll be called in this blog.

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