Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sexually Harassed by Mickey Mouse!

This is me (duh!!!) before the sexual harassment occurred. I'm sitting in Mickey's living room.

Since YaYa and PoPo could not visit us in Japan during Christmas, they bought us tickets to Tokyo Disneyland.

We had a nice time but we froze our asses off. It was really cold and we were ill prepared. Plus, Jude was too little to ride most rides. And, he didn't know very many of the the Disney characters. (Jude doesn't watch TV very much so he didn't know Stitch, Goofy, Dumbo, etc.)

The first thing I wanted to do at Tokyo Disney was to take a picture with Mickey Mouse. I figured the sooner we did it, the shorter the line would be. Keep in mind, we are the only foreigners there in the entire park on Christmas day. We kept getting the "stare".

So we wait in line for 2 freakin's hours in the freezing cold to see Mickey. We finally make it to see him. He hugged me and then leaned over and put his plastic face on mine to sorda kiss me. Then, he hugged Jude and then hugged Husband. Then, he came back and hugged and kissed me again and again and again. Husband said "Wooo there Mickey!" Husband thought it was funny the first time and then got a bit annoyed after Mickey did it twice, then three times. I, too, thought it was funny the first time. But, then as he kept doing it and doing it, I felt like I was being violated. The 4th time I said "Back off Mickey Mouse!" He let me go and we were ushered off so that other people could see Mickey and take his picture.

After that, I just kept thinking that Mickey had just sexually assaulted me! I was curious who was inside the costume. But, then it dawned on me in some kind of sicko, twisted way--- I was just sexually harassed by Mickey MOUSE!!! How many people can say that??!!!!! How awesome is that??!!!

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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