Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Best of Japan

Since moving here 6 months ago from Texas, I have really come to love and appreciate Japanese people and their culture. I highly recommend visiting Japan as many times in your life as possible. It truly is a beautiful country filled with honorable, friendly, beautiful people.

These are my most favorite things about Japan:

1. Heated toilet seats- In fact, the toilets here in Japan are probably smarter than you and I put together. Here in Japan the toilet seats are warm and toasty on your tushy. The toilet will even play the sound of running water just in case you need some inspiration. It will also shoot water at your bum if you need extra cleaning or you can't reach your ass. It will even clean itself with a disinfectant to ensure that your bum does not come in contact with germs. The toilets here in Japan remind me of an airplane cockpit. They have tons of buttons and you aren't sure what button does what. When YaYa and PoPo came to visit us recently, PoPo was fascinated with the Japanese toilets. He was a little intimidated by all the buttons and scared to push any for fear of being blasted off the toilet by a huge gush of water. He thought he'd be shot off like a rocket ship and hurled into space. I digress...sorry. And, the toilets can be flushed 2 different ways- small flush for #1 and large flush with lots of toilet water gusto to flush away your #2. Cool, huh?!

2. Child size urinals and sinks in the women's restroom- FABULOUS!! When we moved here, Jude was still crapping in his pants. I potty trained him here and these "baby" urinals made it so much easier. Japanese focus on the family and know that most women shop with their children. Having "baby" urinals makes it so much easier for little boys to go pee. These people are geniuses!! How come no one in America has thought of this???

3. Mass transit!!! The JR trains in Japan are the best thing since Udon noodles! You can get anywhere in Japan via railway. You just need to figure out where you need to go, memorize a few characters and you are set. It is a little confusing at first but so convenient. You just let the conductor do the driving for you. If you can navigate the subways of New York or Paris, Japan will be no problem.

4. Bikes, bikes and more bikes! Since most people can't afford to drive a car because of the price of fuel and taxes, most ride a bike. I bought a Japanese bike I call my "Mammasita." It has a child carrier for Jude and he loves to ride in it. We go everywhere on our bikes and we get the best parking spot (usually near the entrance). It is fun and you burn calories!
I love this country!

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