Sunday, May 25, 2008

Straight Jacket

By starting this blog and allowing YOU people into my inner most thoughts, I've gotten many comments like: You're nuts!, Your a loony toon!, I never knew you were so crazy!, etc. Well, now you know!!

Most people that know me only on the surface, see a little cute somewhat quiet mommy that often says weird or bizarre things occasionally. The rest of you poor folks know the real me: a loud mouthed, chatty, say anything Mexican with a potty mouth. I know when and where to let the real me come through. It's not that I'm hiding or trying to be someone I'm not, I'm just worried about being committed and ending up in a straight jacket like the poor bastard shown here.

I knew this blog would open up my world to you. And, for some, it might be a little disturbing to read, and for the rest of you....I'm sure it is comforting to read what you probably would have been thinking if you were in my situation. So, you might find my blog comforting or at least entertaining. Therefore, I write this blog for you!


And, yes...I'm slightly disturbed, but aren't we all??? It's just that some people have been caught and other haven't.

Or, maybe I'm not disturbed. Maybe I just have the balls to tell people exactly how I feel. After all, I am a product of my father's loins (if you have ever met my father (PoPo), then you know exactly why I am the way I am...and if you have never had the pleasure to meet my father, count your wait...don't...he is definitely a person you should chat with at least once in your life before you die...he's a very interesting little pot bellied tattooed retired Mexican alcoholic that loves his dogs. ) (he kinda reminds me of Jack Nicholson's character in the movie "As Good as it Gets.")

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