Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why Weenie?

(This is a picture taken on top of Mt. Takao. I just thought it was pretty.)

For those of you who know me, you are probably wondering why I call myself Weenie on this blog. If you have known me for 20 years or longer (then I feel sorry for you!! hee-hee), you know that Weenie is the nickname my sister calls me. (I only have one sister and from this point on she will simply be called Sister.) But, I think only Rice Spice still calls me this--probably because I've known her since the 6th grade (I think). And, in Rice Spice's blog she refers to me as Weenie. So, I felt it appropriate in my blog to call myself Weenie.

My sister started calling me Weenie when I was just a baby. My dad used to make up really goofy songs with our names in them. Unfortunately, my sister was little and could only sing "Weenie, Weenie, Weenie" for the "Insy, Teeny, Weenie, Bikini Song" my dad used to sing about me. And, that is how we got Weenie. But, now Sister has shortened it to simply Ween.

(To this day, PoPo (my dad) is still making up silly songs about us and his goofy 3 dogs. On any given day, you can catch him doing the Mackerana (not sure of the spelling) with his dogs.)

If you want to read Rice Spice's blog, here is the link
Her blog is hilarious and definitely worth checking out. She was my inspiration and my biggest advocate for starting my blog. So, you can blame her for this.

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