Monday, August 16, 2010

To the car designers of the world:

I think a new, mandatory air conditioning vent should be required in all new vehicles, and this vent should be located under the steering wheel, and it will be known as the Crotch Cooler, and it will do just that-- cool your crotch. Because, you see, in the sweltering heat, ones' crotch sweats... a lot, and an AC vent blowing cool air on it would be nice, really nice. And, since it could get a little smelly as a result of said vent, I advise that this vent have some type of air freshener permanently installed inside of it. That way the whole car doesn't end up smelling like sweaty kooter.

I know this Crotch Cooler vent sounds a little bizarre-o, but, trust me, I know lots of women out there would pay kindly for it. I know I would.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Anonymous said...

You need a personal crotch fan. Hand held, you can point it right at your problem area !!

Med Sizd D

Anonymous said...

check out the new Lexus'- they have air conditioned seat

Weenie said...

Thanks you kind reader who did a little research and told me about the wonder Crotch Cooler vent in the new Lexus vehicles. When I move back to the States, I'll be buying one. For sure!