Sunday, August 22, 2010

A taste of home

(Photo via Dallas News)
The worst part about living overseas is missing my favorite hometown and homemade foods, especially Mexican food.   And in Japan, you really can't find good Mexican food.  In Tokyo, there are a few places that serve okay Mexican food, but it costs a million dollars and your first born.  And seeing how I ain't about to give up Jude for a taste of home, I decided to make caldo de pollo (Mexican chicken soup) today. 

As I cooked, the smell of the soup tantalized my nostrils, taking me back to my childhood.

I can clearly remember my mom (YaYa) making caldo de pollo in our modest home on the east side of Houston.  I can remember our small kitchen getting warm because of the simmering pot of caldo my mom was cooking.  Then, YaYa would always open the kitchen window and let the cool November air in, letting the delicious smell of the soup escape through the screen. 

Today when I was cooking, I didn't open any windows.  Instead, I inhaled the fragrance of the soup deeply, never wanting it to dissipate, hoping it would penetrate the walls of my apartment and always remain. 

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Anonymous said...

Glad you STILL REMEMBER Caldo de Pollo!!!!! I still make it, especially in the fall and winter. Don't forget the homemade cornbread!!!!!