Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Pixie cut

If I was 10 pounds thinner, I think I could pull off the Pixie cut.

I had this hair style when I was 18, and thinner. I loved it. It was so easy and fun. Even though I looked like a little boy from behind, I didn't care. There something to be said about being able to wash your hair with a bar of Ivory soap.

Who knows, maybe I'll get the balls to whack my hair off again. I think it would be liberating, and an excuse to wear really large earrings and tons of mascara--Lord knows I love mascara!

What do you think?


PeggyAnn said...

I think you should do would be darling on you!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I got your pixie cut. Check your FB page.

Med sized D