Friday, January 29, 2010

Cave paintings

Yesterday Jude grabbed some markers and attempted to draw on the wall in the hallway of our apartment. He wasn't even sneaky about it. Luckily, I caught him before he drew anything.

This was our conversation:

"What are you doing, little boy?" I asked him.

"I'm going to draw something on the wall," he told me.

"You are not allowed to draw on the wall, and you know better than that," I replied in a stern mommy voice.

"I'm not going to draw on the wall. Actually, you should think of it as a cave painting," he told me in a very serious voice.

"Um, I don't think so," I replied.

"I'm going to express myself through painting so others can know how we lived, just like the cave men did," he replied.

"Well, um, okay, then, okay, whatever," I replied.

1.) I was completely dumbfounded that my kid (at the ripe old age of 5) even knows about cave paintings. 2.) I was in awe at his ability to articulate language well enough to explain to me his intent. 3.) Holy shit! The kid is definitely smarter than me, and he's only 5 freaking years old. 4.) Shit! Did I mention the kid is already smarter than me?! 5.) Shit! I'm screwed!

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Anonymous said...

He was bullshitting you. He doesn't know any of that. LMFAO

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