Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's totally our fault

My family is responsible for killing thousands of trees each year. I'm so sorry. Please forgive us.

You see, about a year ago Jude learned how to make paper air planes. And ever since then, the kid goes through about 2 reams of paper per month. That's about 1,000 paper air planes per month, floating around in my apartment! As you can imagine, my apartment is constantly littered with silly paper air planes. I go around picking up piles of paper air planes on an hourly basis when the kid is home. However, I do recycle the paper Jude uses.

Husband is a different story. Husband must use one paper towel for each drink he drinks. Let me explain. Each time Husband drinks a beverage, of any kind, he folds a paper towel and places it under his cup/bottle/mug. On average, he uses about 8 paper towels a day. To curb this problem, I even bought cork coasters, but it hasn't helped. He still insists on using paper towels. You can see every place Husband has been in our apartment by following the trail of folded paper towels. I feel so guilty that Husband uses so many paper towels, so I buy the recycled kind.

So, in 200 years, when all the trees have been cut down, you can blame us!

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