Monday, January 4, 2010

I am the ultimate Survivor Champion

Okay, those useless people on the CBS reality show could never survive this:

1. a five year old with H1N1 Influenza;
2. getting puked on several times by said five year old;
3. stuck in a small apartment with Limpy (YaYa), and Gimpy (PoPo) for 2 long weeks;
4. stuck in a small apartment with Limpy, Gimpy and SISTER for 2 very long weeks;
5. making over 150 tamales;
6. eating said tamales;
7. co-habitating with Husband, Jude, Limpy, Gimpy and SISTER in an apartment the size of a shoe box;
8. getting coughed and sneezed on by Limpy (YaYa caught a cold while she was here visiting);
9. running 14.5 miles; and
10. running 17 miles a week later.

Yep, I would like to see those pansy-ass people on Survivor survive this!

1 comment:

Tara said...

You should TOTALLY win Survivor before you and your husband go on to win the Amazing Race!