Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I could be done

During last week's 17 mile run, at exactly mile 15.5, I experienced a stabbing pain in my knee. It started in my upper, outer thigh and then went directly to my outer knee. Each step was painful, like someone jabbing a needle directly into my knee. However, when I stopped running, the pain stopped. So, I walked/ran the last 1.5 miles in agony.

Courtesy of the Internet, I have diagnosed myself with IT band tendinitis. I've had this running injury before, back in 2003 when I attempted to run my first marathon. It's an overuse injury that just requires stretching, icing and rest, something I can't really do because I'm in the most important month of marathon training.

So, some decisions must be made and soon.

I refuse to run a marathon with an injury. That's just dumb, and I don't want to cause serious or permanent injury to my knee just to run another marathon. Remember, I've already successfully completed 2 marathons. I don't have anything to prove to anyone. I know I can do it.

So, the questions are: will my knee get better in time for the marathon, and can I run a marathon without training properly?

When I find out the answers to these questions, I'll let you know.

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johnsonsconnection said...

AWWWW that sucks. I hope it can get better so you can run it. But it's smart not to run on an injury. Not worth it.