Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Falling Apart

So, I went to the doctor yesterday for my asthma check-up. The asthma is okay considering I've got a nasty cold that YaYa gave me, imported all the way from Texas! So, I mentioned to the doc that my knee has been hurting when I run, and he took a look at it. I also mentioned that my left heel has been hurting off and on for about 3 months.

His diagnosis: I've a got a cold (that YaYa gave me!!!), Plantar Fasciitis, and IT Band Syndrome.

He said I can continue to run until the pain becomes unbearable.

He didn't discourage me from running the marathon, though. He just said I might not be able to walk for about a week or so after the marathon.

So, now I must make a choice. Do I keep running and attempt to run the marathon with an aching, stinging knee, or do I quit running and give my Tokyo Marathon spot to someone else? Since I'm kind of wishy-washy when it comes to decision making, I'll have to ponder these questions for some time. I'll let you know what I have decided when I decide it.


Anonymous said...

Suck it up, limp along, and do it. I ran a marathon once with plantar fasciitis, and torn cartlige in my knee.
If it's not going to make you any worse, give it a shot. If it's going to screw you up, don't do it.

Med Sized ( only 206 pounds ) D

Hairpin said...

No one exercises after a marathon anyway. Don't you want another circle for your tattoo?

Your President Dictator Supreme of Striders Lite -- you MUST run the marathon.