Friday, January 29, 2010


So, I live in Japan. Duh! And since I have a useless English degree, I teach English. Duh! I teach part-time for the local school district, and I also teach at the local community center, and I teach students privately.

Yesterday was a busy day. I taught 5 English classes. But not only was I paid my usual fee, I also received the following items from my students and boss: 2 large packages of fresh delicious strawberries, 4 printed pictures of myself taken by my vice principal at a school event, 3 beautiful book marks purchased in Egypt by my vice principal, and a lovely hard-back cook book filled with recipes of famous British desserts.

My students and boss are incredibly gracious and kind and really appreciate my ability to talk for hours without ever shutting up. They also appreciate my talent for acting like a fool and keeping them entertained. Thus, they rewarded me handsomely.

O Japan, how I love thee!

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