Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Missing out

I love living in Japan. I love everything about Japan. Everything.

But every now and then I feel like I'm missing out by not being a part of my friends' lives. I mean, we e-mail, we chat on the phone, we follow each other on Facebook, but it's just not the same.

Since I've been in Japan, all my girl friends have had babies, and I've missed the whole process: their pregnancy, their baby shower, meeting the baby for the first time, watching the baby turn into a toddler, etc. I've missed it all.

I've also missed countless weddings, and I'll miss a few more this year. I've missed watching my friends find the one, fall in love, the engagement, and the wedding itself. I've missed it all in the 2 years I've been living in Japan.

I wish I had a teleporter to take me back to the States for all of these events. Or, I wish I was independently wealthy. Then, the thousand dollar flights back to the States wouldn't matter.

But, since I don't have a teleporter and I'm not rich, I'll just sit here, be sad and think about all the stuff I'm going to miss this year.


Anonymous said...

We miss you and hubby, and watching your son grow up ....

Med Sized D

Anonymous said...

We miss you all more than you'll ever know!!! Can't you tell??? We've already been to Japan 3 times in the last 2 years. We are missing Julian's milestones,and watching him grow into a wonderful little boy!!!

Ya-Ya & Po-Po