Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

Yes, I've been thinking about those poor people in Haiti. In fact, I've been following their story via Internet and TV.

Of course, there isn't much I can do on the other side of the planet. Or is there?

Click here at The American Red Cross to donate what you can. Just remember, if this was you, wouldn't you want someone to help?

With that said, I spent 2 hours last night going through my emergency supplies. It dawned on me that since I live on the 5th floor of a 9 story apartment building, I've only got about 37 seconds to get the hell out of here if or when the big Tokai earthquake strikes. So, I decided to stash all my emergency gear in my car. That way, all I have to do is haul ass when the big one hits. I don't have to fuss with carrying my Dora the Explore emergency back pack filled with survival crap. No! I'll just run like hell and get the fuck out.

I know they say you should stand in a doorway or under something sturdy during an earthquake, but seeing all those people buried in the rubble in Haiti has me thinking otherwise. I think I'll take my chances by running for it. After all, being buried alive doesn't seem like a good enough option for me. Nope. Not at all.

So, my car is packed with blankets, canned food, winter clothes, a towel, several first aid kits, shoes, socks, undies, jackets, wind-up flash lights that don't require batteries, a weather radio, bottled water, hand sanitizer and toilet paper. If the shit hits the fan, I figure my family could survive about 5 days with no help from anyone. Knowing this helped me sleep last night.

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Thomas said...

If I was in Japan I would get in a doorway or something strudy during an earthquake. Remember in Haiti they have no building code to speak of, so everything there is held together with anything that they could find to build with.