Monday, February 1, 2010


Woohoo! I got an iPhone this weekend. I need it, really, I did. Since most of my students can't speak English very well, they refuse to call me on the phone. Instead, they send me e-mails. And, I always hate coming home to a computer with 36 new e-mails. It takes time away from my family to respond. So, now with my new gadget, I can check my e-mail when I'm standing around waiting at the bus stop, waiting for Jude to come home, or I can check my e-mail while I'm sitting around waiting for Jude at swim lessons. I'm so excited!

The only problem is the phone knows I'm in Japan. No matter how many times I change the setting and default language to American English, it keeps changing back to Japanese. It's quite aggravating, but I'm slowly learning written Japanese, with much frustration, I might add!

(Yes, there's a difference between American English and British English! I know because I'm always arguing with my British friends about the spelling of certain words! Damn Brits can't spell correctly, in my opinion!)

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