Wednesday, February 17, 2010

7 years ago

On President's Day, February 17, 2003, Husband and I took the plunge.

Seven years later, I'm still happy and totally and completely in love with him. I never knew I could love someone for this long, and I never thought marriage life could be this good or this amazing. I'm not saying we don't have our issues, because Lord knows we do. But, thankfully, we've been able to work through our difficulties and come out on the other side happy, thankful, and still in love. Actually, I think our love has grown deeper and more intense in the last 7 years.

Each day brings a new and exciting adventure, and I'm so glad I get to experience that adventure with Husband.

Happy Anniversary, Husband! I love you.

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michelle, kevin, redbud, texas and brookston said...

happy anniversary :) yeah! lucky 7! and 7 million more :)