Monday, September 27, 2010

On the road again

Husband's 58 hours are over, and he's back on the road.  He'll be gone about 3 weeks this time.

The time he was home was pretty much a waste.  He ended up spending most of his time preparing for his next trip.  It would have probably been better if he hadn't come home at all.  You see, Jude and I have a system, and it works.  Jude knows what he needs to do and when, but when you throw  Husband into the mix, our system gets out of whack.  Now, I'm not saying I don't love Husband or any of that other crap.  I'm just saying that Jude and I get used to being alone, and when you add someone else to the mix, we get discombobulated.

And when Husband does return from his trip, we'll all be out of whack again, until we get used to having him back in our world.

Sometimes it's hard having a husband that travels a lot for work.  I never know when to plan for things or when his schedule is going to interrupt mine.  It can be frustrating at times, but the good always out weighs the bad.

Sometimes I just wish I had more control over things...

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