Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Grape Race 5K

I'm the one in the pink hat, with the pink shirt, and pink sunglasses, standing behind  Jude (the big kid) in the yellow, Ironman baby jogger. 

I ran this 5K about 2 weeks ago.  It was a pretty race, but the hills were killer, and I pushed Jude up those hills in the baby jogger.  I know, what the hell was I thinking?  I can honestly say that pushing a 40 pound kid in a 30 pound stroller up giant, ass hills is worse than running a marathon.  Yes, worse!  There were several times where I swore I was going to die because my heart was about to explode out of my chest.

Thankfully, I survived without any injuries!  Praise God or Jesus or Allah or whomever you praise!

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