Wednesday, September 8, 2010

He survived

Jude survived his first day of kindergarten.  In fact, he loved it.  He came home and told me all about it.  He told me about the bully in his class, the story the teacher read, who sat next to him at lunch and about the kid who crapped his pants.  Score one for Jude!  He wasn't the one who crapped his pants!  Hey, people!  We have to celebrate the small victories in life!

This morning he woke up in a great mood and excited about his second day.  In fact, he raced to the bus stop, making sure we wouldn't be late or possibly miss the bus.  Once the bus arrived, Jude got on like a champ.  He looked a little sad, but he said he didn't cry because crying is for babies. 

And I survived as well.  My heart was heavy the first day, but today I was fine. 

I'm not good with change.  I'm an OCD, anxiety-ridden, Type A personality, but I seem to be handling this change better than I thought.  I guess I always knew this day was coming.  It just came too soon.

Before I knew it, I became the mom of a kindergartner.  Wow, I'm old!

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Princess Talula said...

I am glad he had a great time! And I am so glad he didn't crap his pants. I remember the little girl who wet her pants the first week of kindergarten. So, some 30 years later, it would not have been forgotten. Thank goodness!

Also, remind him when you have to dump cold water on his head in 10 years to get him out of bed how much he loved waking up for school at one time in his life. My mom liked to do that while she reminded me that I once loved it.