Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plastic People

****Warning: If you've had a nip and a tuck, I'm about to offend you.
Recently, a bunch of women I know have had plastic surgery performed. Most have had the usual boob job or boob lift, lipo, and tummy tuck, and I just don't get it.

Our bodies are not perfect. No one's is. And that's okay!

I don't understand why these women would put their lives at risk for elective surgery to supposedly enhance the way they look. Is it that important? I think not!

I think these people have their priorities all screwed up!

Look, I certainly am not perfect. I could write 17 paragraphs about what's wrong with my body. I could start with my giant nose, my saggy boobs, my jelly roll or my flat ass. I could go on and on, but I won't.

I've accepted my flaws and realized that they aren't really flaws. Instead, they are what make me me, and that makes them cool, because, well, I'm cool, damn it!

Yes, my nose is big, but it makes me looked distinguished. Yes, I have a spare tire around my waist, but at one point it housed my son, and for that, I don't mind so much that it's there. Plus, I can always wear a girdle. Yes, my ass is as flat as a pancake, but at least I'll never have to worry about my ass needing its own zip code. Yes, my boobs sag down to my waist, but that's okay, because they provided nourishment to my son for the first year and a half of his life. Plus, I can always hoist them up with Victoria's Secret Angel Bra the Ultimate Lift.

Why can't we (women) just be content with what we have? Why do some women feel the need to put their lives at risk to try to achieve something that will never happen...perfection?

I'm not perfect, nor do I want to be. I'm cool just the way I am...healthy and happy!


michael said...

Amen sister! Individuality is hot! I for one don't think Barbie is that attractive... give me a real woman!

Anonymous said...

Men just want you to get naked and dirty. They don't care what you look like....

Med. Sized D

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

I totally agree with you! When I have friends that say they want t a boob job, I ask them, "Have you ever had a major surgery?" Usually they answer no. I had to have a surgery to save my life because of a car accident, recovering from surgery is not pleasant or fun. And, with any surgery, there is a chance you might not wake up.

Because of the foot long scar down the middle of my stomach, I will never be able to get the pretty, tight tummy. I have crows feet coming in around my eyes, that just means that I laugh a lot and enjoy life. I have a huge bubble butt, and I've just gotten to where I am starting to love it.

I wish society would understand that not all of us are meant to be rail thin and that curves as well as no boobs, flat butt or whatever can be just as sexy as the women in magazines.