Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm from Texas, duh! Right now in Texas, it's spring. Right now in Tokyo, Japan, it feels like winter, seriously! It snowed briefly last night, and now it's raining-not hard rain, but just an annoying all-day-light-raining that never seems to stop. And, it's 37 degrees. What the freak?!

I'm ready to see the sun. I'm ready to start running again. I'm ready to play outside, but Mother Nature obviously has other plans. Apparently, Mother Nature is trying to kill me. She's providing this crappy weather so I'll go stir crazy, catch cabin fever and later eat my couch, only to choke on it and die. See! She really is trying to kill me, slowly, one day at a time. What a bitch!


Anonymous said...

I'll send you some wildflowers ...

Med Sized D

Anonymous said...

It has been SO nice! Wish you were here.