Saturday, May 9, 2009


We have officially made it to Texas! Yippee!! The smell of the fresh cut grass and dead skunks on the side of the highway welcomed us back. It's good to be back in the greatest state in America.

We have currently taken over Mr. and Mrs. Ironman's ranch.

Today I had a lapse in judgement and ended up walking, that's right--I said walking...8 miles in 95 degree heat. It was like walking in an oven. My pansy ass nearly melted on the hot cement. It was pretty damn miserable except I had great company...Big D. We walked, chatted and got caught up. It was like I had never left the States.

I have a camera with 498 photos I need to download and about 150 stories to go along with the photos. But I'm too tired and too jet lagged to write anymore!

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Anonymous said...

She did good, but I think she now has a greater appreciation for walkers .....LOL

Big D

P.S. It was great to walk and catch up...I'm too out of shape to RUN and talk !!