Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Jude

So, I'm currently on YaYa's computer. I was emailing some people and discovered these baby pictures of Jude. Since they are so damn cute, I just had to share them with you. Enjoy!
A googly-eyed Baby Jude. This picture was taken after his bath. He's about 3 months old in this picture.
This pictures was taken at the hospital 2 days after Jude was born. By boobs were HUMONGOUS! You can also see my horrible acne on my second chin.
Baby Jude 2 days old. What a beautiful sleeping angel!
Baby Jude, just minutes old. I had just pooped him out. That's a face only a mother could love!


Anonymous said...

BIG ol boobies !!!

Big D

Weenie said...

I know! They were ginormous and full of milk! Remember when I used to run with you and then offer you fresh milk afterwards???