Monday, May 25, 2009

Jet Lag Sucks Big Fat Donkey Ding-Dongs!

(This picture was taken at Lola's house in Houston. They had a "welcome home" party for us along with a small petting zoo for the kids. According to Lito (Husband's father), the donkey was very relaxed so, he let his wanker hang out. And, since I'm me, a nasty pervert, I had to take a picture.)

So, it's 2:26 AM and we are all awake. We took a nap yesterday at 3 PM, and we forget to set an alarm. The result: we slept until 11 PM. Now, we are wide awake and cleaning our apartment, trying to organize all the new crap we bought while in America. Jude is in the bathtub shooting himself and the shower curtain with an itty bitty water gun. He shows no sign of fatigue. However, Husband and I are starting to fade. We hope to sleep from 3 AM to 6 AM. Then, hopefully, our sleeping schedule will be back on track.

Jet lag sucks big, fat, donkey ding-dongs!


Anonymous said...

You just wanted an excuse to put animal porn on here !!

Big D

Weenie said...

Okay, you got me! You're right! Boy, you know me well!