Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's 2:43 AM and I'm wide awake!

So, I'm trying to beat jet lag, but it's winning, seriously winning! I went to bed about 9:45 PM right after we had a small earthquake. I know, what a welcome back! I was lying in bed almost asleep when the bed started to shake. At first I thought Jude was trying to climb into bed. I sat up and realized no one was there. Hmmmm, I think it's an earthquake, I thought. It only lasted for a few seconds. Then I hopped out of bed and turned on the computer to check and see if it was an actual earthquake, or if my jet lag was just playing Jedi mind tricks with me. Sure enough, there had been an actual earthquake several prefectures away. But since I live on the fifth floor of a large apartment building, I tend to feel every small earthquake that happens within a 100 mile radius.

I finally fell asleep, but then I woke up at midnight and again about 10 minutes ago. It seems that my bowel movements are still set to Houston, Texas time. That's right, I woke up to poop. What up wit dat??!! There's nothing worse than that! But at least it happened! Traveling 82 time zones kind of fucks with you, especially your bowels. And eating mass quantities of cheese on the airplane back to Japan didn't help either. I had to resort to the old stand by...prunes! So, this morning at 2:33 AM when they kicked in, I was glad and almost filled with glee. Look, there's nothing worse than being plugged up. Okay, maybe jet lag is worse, but the combination of the two is just plain horrible!

And now I'm awake, wide awake. I'm so awake I'm ready to reorganize my closet or make muffins or balance my check book. But instead of being useful, I'm blogging. Ahhhhh, it feels good to sit down and write the useless ramblings of my mind. It feels good to sit down and discuss serious life issues with you, like jet lag and constipation. Ahhhh, I feel back in my element.

So, while on our Great American Adventure, we reconnected with friends young and old! They all seemed to have one thing in common...they love this stupid, useless blog and my stupid, useless ramblings. Maybe they just said it to be nice, who knows?! Azul (a friend mentioned here) even mentioned that my blog offers him something that others just don't have. He said that most blogs out there are about peoples' daily happenings, and they have no relevance to him. But my blog, on the other hand, makes him laugh and teaches him about my experience as a midget, Mexican momma living in Japan. He said that my blog is funny, entertaining and a good read. That made me happy. It makes me happy to create something that others enjoy. Maybe it's the wanna be author in me, or maybe it's my personal way to give back to society. Whatever it is, I'm just glad I can share my experience living in Japan, and I'm glad others find it entertaining.

Look, my life is filled with really great stories, and I love to tell stories. That could be why I got an English Degree with an emphasis on creative writing and graduated Cum Laude. I love to write. I was taught in college to write about things you know and things that are close to your heart. If you write honestly and put your emotions on the page, people will connect with your story. So, that's what I try to do here. I try to tell you how it is and how I feel. PoPo (my father, duh!) mentioned that he doesn't like my honesty in my blog. He thinks I reveal too much and use too much profanity. He's probably right. But if I cut out the honesty and the profanity, you're left with just another blog on Blogger, and I don't want to become that. There's already enough of that! I want to be true and honest. As a person who might someday actually write the great American novel, I feel I have an obligation to my reader to be honest. I will continue to write about things that are close to my heart with an honesty that bothers my father. Who knows, maybe those two key elements make my blog different from all of those out there in the bloggisphere.

So, thanks to all my readers and friends who come here to get a little piece of Weenie! Oh, wait, that didn't come out right. That sounds dirty! Let me try that again...thanks to all my readers and friends who come here to get a little piece of my world, Weenie's World!

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Anonymous said...

Don't change a thing. I read this to connect with you.
Now that you're gone, we don't have the long runs to talk about everything under the sun. With your blog, I feel like you're right here, telling me another goofy story as we crank out another 15 miler.

Stay true.........

Big D ( 9 marathons in the bag now, honey )