Monday, May 25, 2009

Bobik the Wonder Dog is still alive!

On day 4 of our American Adventure, we continued driving south to Los Angeles, where Bobik and Czech Girl live. We went to their house and had a great visit. We were so pleased to see our sweet, loving Bobo (aka Bobik) still alive and doing well. As you may recall, we owned him for about 4 years and then returned him to Czech Girl before we moved to Japan. Bobo is literally 18 million years old, and I'm not exaggerating here! We believe he's about 16 or 17 years old- that's 18 million years old in dog years. He's definitely slowed down since we saw him last, and his eyes are really clouded with cataracts. He's not as sociable as he used to be, and he didn't recognize us at all. But, we really didn't expect him to.

He seems to be doing well and is loved beyond belief. Czech Girl cares for him like a doting, loving parent. Everything she does is for the benefit of Bobo. She is truly a great, kind, wonderful dog owner. She should be made into a saint for the way she cares for Bobo. He is so lucky to have her as his pet parent.

Bobo is NOT trying to eat my head! I think he was yawning. It takes a lot of energy to meet and greet, especially when you are 18 millions years old!

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