Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's not your fault!

I totally understand why the majority of people in Houston weigh 300 pounds...the food tastes fab-u-lous!

Last night we had dinner with Lola and Lito (Husband's parents). We ate dinner at the Canyon Cafe near the Galleria, a place where we had never eaten before. Dinner was okay, but dessert was out-of-this-world-yummy-yummy! I ate Tres Leches cake and nearly had an orgasm with each decadent, moist bite. It was the best Tres Leches cake ever!!!! It was so good I have decided to for-go eating food and just live off the Tres Leches cake for the remainder of the trip.

After discovering this dessert, I totally understand why people in this town are disgustingly overweight!

I will no longer blame you fat asses again! The blame goes to the chefs who create the most wonderful, sweet, creamy, moist, savory, perfectly prepared desserts!

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Anonymous said...

Ya can't get that in Tokyo !!

Big D