Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome Aboard!

Hello to all my new readers. Welcome to Weenie's World!
This blog was created for my peeps back in Texas. I wanted my family and friends back home to keep up with us here in Japan. I use this blog as a way to keep all of you in my to speak. However, often times I simply ramble on and on about useless things that float into my mind. For that, I'm sorry. But, you are in my world when you click onto this page. You have entered my mind...sorda. For that, I'm sorry, too! I'm incredibly foul mouthed, opinionated, bitchy, and have been known to be slightly evil. I won't pretend to be someone else or to be politically correct. If you desire that, please find another blog. But, if you are open to what I have to say and curious about the world I live in, then keep reading and checking out this blog.
I do have a few rules for entering Weenie's World. If you know me personally, please do not mention who my husband works for or where he works. For security purposes, I wish to keep that information private. I also wish to keep every one's identity private. There are crazies out there, so please use an alias when you post a comment. And, if you want me to write about a particular topic, please feel free to e-mail me or leave your idea in a comment. I'm open to topic suggestions. I usually write about topics suggested to me if I find them interesting to me and to my readers. If you ask me to write about the recent dog park that opened up in your neighborhood, chances are I won't. I don't find that topic relevant or interesting and neither will my readers. So, please suggest interesting topics I can relate to.
So, this blog started as a means to communicate with my peeps back home, but it has often turned into my soap box. I love to tell other people how to live, because I'm perfect of course...hee-hee! Okay, I'm not perfect in all aspects of my life, but I try pretty damn hard to be a good wife, mother and friend to a few selected groups of people. And, well...the rest of you get an overly opinionated, midget, Mexican momma with a bad attitude that sometimes has poor editing skills.
So, being in Japan makes my world different than most. I'm grateful for that. I love being able to experience such a grand, diverse, and honorable country. My eyes have been opened by this. And, now I look at the world much differently than I did before. My life will be forever changed by this experience.
So, welcome to Weenie's World...I hope you have a great stay!


Anonymous said...


Big D

Weenie said...

Yes, only slightly evil! Hee-hee!