Thursday, February 5, 2009

To my sweet Jude,

You are now 51 months old. As I watch you grow, I'm amazed at everything that has been accomplished in the last 51 months. You are the most interesting person I know and will probably ever know. Your actions and words captivate me. Your spirit is grand. You are more than I could have ever wanted in a child. But most of all, I see you becoming a wonderful man.

From your first words to your first steps to your first sentence beginning with a prepositional phrase, I have watched in amazement. It's hard for me to understand that the little bean inside of me 60 months ago has become an intelligent, considerate, spirited little boy. You have consumed me with feelings of love, warmth and gratitude.

In your short existence, you have taught me more than anyone. You have taught me to be more compassionate to others. Because of you, I now know that I am stronger than I ever thought possible. You have taught me that a person really can survive on 2 hours of sleep for a month. You have shown me the power of words and language. You have taught me to think deeper and more often. You have taught me to be more open minded and to welcome change with open arms. You have taught me the names of almost every dinosaur to ever walk the Earth. You have taught me to be a better person and wife to your father. You have taught me to be patient and understanding. You have taught me so many things. For that, I'm forever grateful to you.

You are my beautiful boy. You are my world. Every day I thank the Lord for my most precious

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