Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sucked in...

As you know, I love the English language. I love the components (prepositional phrases, verbs, auxiliary verbs, articles, etc...), the tenses (present, past, present perfect, past perfect continuous, etc...), the lovely sound it creates as you change the words to create a fast or slow cadence...I love it all. That's probably why I spent 4 or so years studying it in undergrad and then another 2 years studying it post bac. I love our language and truly appreciate it.

So, recently I heard all the hype about this book series called Twilight. I heard it was Harry Potter for prepubescent girls. So, it peaked my interest. I ordered it and read it. And, oh my, what a story it is! I bought it and read 100 pages the first day. I just couldn't put it down. Needless to say, I finished the book in about 8 days. That's the fastest I've read a book since college. I became consumed with the story--sucked in like it was the last book left on Earth. I immediately became involved with the characters.

The story is simple, yet vivid; I can plainly see the images in my mind as Stephanie Meyer had intended. The story certainly isn't Pulitzer Prize winning, but it's an easy, well articulated book filled with the emotions and realities of a young high school aged girl in love with someone she will never be able to have. The captivating and enchanting detailed descriptions of the characters provided by Meyer keep you wanting more. You desperately want Edward to brush Bella's arm, so you can read how her pulse quickens and her face becomes flushed. You really do want to know what might happen next. You understand how Bella feels differently from the others, and how she is desperate to fit in. You want her to be with Edward. You want her to live, but at the same time you want her to die. You want her to be able to spend all eternity with the love of her life. You want her to become "a cold one." You want it for her. In life and love, only death can truly bring them together. You truly yearn for more...well, I did.

After I finished the book, I immediately started on the second one. In fact, I ordered the 2nd book after I started the first one. Being without these characters was unfathomable. Like a heroin addict, I had to have more. I didn't want to go one day without knowing the rest of the story. So, I'm now on the 2nd book and just read another 100 pages today. I've already ordered the next 2 books and awaiting their arrival. I know I should focus on my own reality, but Bella's is much more amazing and dark.

So, I highly recommend the Twilight books. I haven't seen the movie, but I heard it was crap. So, don't waste your time. Instead, read Meyer's words and create your own movie in your mind. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Because I have been spending every free moment reading these books, I have been neglecting my usual blog posts. As you can see, this month has the least amount of entries since I began blogging last May. So, you can blame Stephanie Meyer for my recent blog silence.


Tara said...

Yay! I'm so excited you're a Twilight freak. I LOVED the books! I read the first one and promptly ordered the box set from Barnes & Noble. I was in love with Edward from the start. :)

Anonymous said...'s just an excuse to be a13 year old again.....
Next thing you know you'll be passing notes in class !!

: ) Big D

Weenie said...

So, maybe I've never really grown that a bad thing?? I'm just happy to read something that I really enjoy...who cares that it was intended for teenage girls...

Anonymous said...

When I say I haven't grown up, I get a lecture !!

Big D