Sunday, February 8, 2009


I understand that most people don't run. In fact, most Americans don't even exercise. Whatever! If you want to sit on your couch, eat crap, get fat and lazy, that's your business. But, I live in a different world than you do. I live in a running world. You might think I'm nuts or insane for doing what I do. But, you are entitled to your opinion. At least I'm a healthy nut.
We believe (Husband and I) that humans are made to run. God intended for us to hunt for our food and work our bodies to keep them healthy. So, we do just that...the running part...not the hunting for our food part. We, as human beings, need to move our bodies. And, as a mother, it's my job to show my son that exercise is important and necessary for healthy living.
With all that said, I ran 13 miles yesterday with a cold. I was reluctant to run considering I was hocking up giant loogies and had snot running down the back of my throat. I contemplated skipping my long run, but my running buddies wouldn't let me. They insisted that I run. Of course, I gave in. I ended up running well. In fact, I ran a 2 hour 18 minute half marathon yesterday with a cold. Again, I'm beginning to wonder what I'm truly capable of. I seem to be stronger than ever and have more endurance than I ever thought possible. Each run is my new best run. I love that feeling. It's addictive.
So, a few weekends ago- during a 17 mile run- Running Babe asked me, "Why do you's to stay thin, right?" I thought about the question for a moment and then responded by saying this (since it was a long conversation covering several miles, I'll give you the Reader's Digest Version of what I said)...I began running to lose some weight...I was fluffy after having Jude...but now running has become something more to's become a way of life...and running another marathon isn't about losing weight's about feeling the accomplishment of running 26.2's about crossing that finish line knowing I did my best and trained to the best of my's about feeling's about setting a goal and then working my ass off to achieve's about spending countless hours with my friends chatting about this and's a stress's a good feeling...that's why I run.
So, yes...I'm a lunatic that spends hours running every week. But, I never do it alone. I run with my friends and talk about everything imaginable. I don't consider it work or even exercise anymore. Now it's more like having lunch with friends or meeting the girls to hang out. Evey now and then I push last week's 20 miler that kicked my ass, but mostly it's just a morning spent with good friends followed by a huge breakfast. It's normal. It's what I do.
So, get off your couch and join me in the quest for good health, the sense of accomplishment, and good conversation with new friends. Who knows, maybe you'll be bitten by the running bug as well!
Happy running!


Anonymous said...

Give the big, fat, late sleeping, donut eating lard asses a break !!!


Big D

Weenie said...

Obviously they have been getting a break! That's why America is the fattest country in the world!!

AndyS said...

I love it that you now consider yourself and think of yourself as a runner. It is a way of life. I also believe that we were made to run. What I don't understand is why God lets parts wear out on a true runner. Oh well, I still consider myself a runner, even if I can't run anymore.

Keep the running faith, Andy