Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crazy Chimp!

(Picture courtesy of AP.)

Here's a picture of the crazy ass chimp named Travis who ripped off a woman's face and hands. Okay, what person in their right mind decides to keep a chimp in their house in Connecticut and raise it as a child? Who gives a wild animal wine every night before bed and Xanax? What lunatic would do this? Well, her name is Sandra Herold. I'm sure you've hear about this story on the news. It's a ridiculous story that should have never happened! This woman should have never kept this wild animal in her house. He's huge, powerful and WILD! What the freak?? This woman is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed! She should be held accountable for owning a wild animal; therefore, allowing it to maul her friend. I know she didn't encourage the animal to harm anyone, but by keeping a wild animal in her house, she should have expected the inevitable! What a moron! I hope she has to pay her friend's medical bills! And, I pray her friend survives the attack, so she can sue the pants off of Ms. Herold.

What the hell?! Look, if you think owning a wild animal is a good idea, then you're as stupid as you look! Ms. Herold deserves to be slapped and then put in jail for being negligent! What a dumb ass!

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Anonymous said...

I think she was " doing " the monkey.....

Big D