Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We can't help it

We are musicians. Husband plays the bass guitar, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar. He can also sing. I play the piano.

So, Husband and I constantly have songs in our heads.

So, if you say certain words or certain key phrases in our house, we will cut you off mid-sentence and start singing at the top of our lungs. For example, this morning Jude told husband, "You're bad." Instantly, Husband became Michael Jackson and started singing Bad as loud as he could.

This type of singing happens all the time in our house. If you say, "Yesterday, blah, blah happened," one of us will start singing The Beatles' song Yesterday. If you say, "Can you imagine blah, blah, blah," again, one of us will start singing John Lennon's Imagine. Since we are huge Beatles fans, we have just about the entire Beatles' repertoire memorized.

We will break into song at any point we hear a word or phrase that is found in any one of our favorite songs. It's like certain key words trigger the songs in our heads. We just can't help it! And, this can be very annoying- especially when you are trying to have a serious conversation with us. Jude gets so annoyed with our behavior that sometimes he just storms away to his room in frustration. We know he's trying to talk to us about something important, but the urge to sing just compels us to do so when we here that magic word or phrase.

All I can say is, poor kid! He has us for parents!

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